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TIME ZONE: Brasília (GMT-3)

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Plenary Session M1A – Monday 27, 08:20 – 10:15

08:20–8:45 – Opening&Prizes Cerimony
08:45–9:30 Thereza Paiva – Spin and charge correlations in the 2D Hubbard Model – Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Invited)
09:30–10:15 Jeff Lynn- Magnetoresistive Switching and Topological Hall Effect Controlled by Novel Magnetic Textures – NIST (Invited)

Parallel Session M2A – Unconventional Superconductivity – Monday 27, 10:45 – 12:30

10:45–11:15: Knight-shift measurements on UTe2 in the SC state- Kenji Ishida – Kyoto University (Invited)
11:15–11:30: High pressure study of UTe2 in pulsed magnetic field – Daniel Braithwaite – Grenoble INP and CEA (Oral)
11:30–11:45: Coexistence of Charge Density Wave and Superconductivity in a correlated regime – Leonardo Costa Prauchner – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Oral)
11:45–12:00: Singlet-triplet pairing in Ising superconductors – David Mockli – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Oral)
12:00–12:15: Time-reversal symmetry breaking in superconductors through loop supercurrent order – Sudeep Kumar Ghosh – University of Kent (Oral)
12:15–12:30: Metamagnetic phase transition in ferromagnetic superconductor URhGe – Vladimir Mineev – Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics (Oral)

Parallel Session M2B – Strong spin-orbit interaction in correlated systems I – Monday 27, 10:45 – 12:30

10:45–11:15: From spin-orbital entanglement in Sr2RuO4 to spin-orbit controlled MIT in Sr2IrO4 – Andrea Damascelli – University of British Columbia (Invited)
11:15–11:45: Spin-orbit coupling and quantum interference effects in the transport properties of tellurium – Carsten Enderlein – Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Invited)
11:45 –12:00: Anomalous transport properties in the antiferromagnetic Weyl semimetals Mn3X, X = Sn, Ge – Takahiro Tomita – University of Tokyo (Oral)
12:00-12:15: Transport properties in the non-Fermi liquid phase of isotropic Luttinger semimetals – Hermann Freire – Universidade Federal de Goiás (Oral)
12:15–12:30: Anomalous transport in spin-orbit and Weyl systems – normally explained – Klaus Morawetz – Muenster University of Applied Sciences (Oral)

Parallel Session M2C – Heavy Fermion Monday 27, 10:45 – 12:30

10:45–11:15: Classical multicritical points in the Underscreened Anderson Lattice model of itinerant 5f electrons – Sérgio Magalhães – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Invited) 11:15–11:30: Enhanced Spin Orbit Interaction in Strongly Correlated Materials – Peter Riseborough – Physics / Temple University / Temple University (Oral)
11:30–11:45: Lifshitz transition underlying the metamagnetic transition of UPt3 – Stephen Julian – Department of Physics / N/A / University of Toronto (Oral)
11:45–12:00: Magnetic phase diagram of UIr2Si2 single crystal – Magdalena Majewicz – Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research / Polish Academy of Sciences (Oral)
12:00–12:15: Magnetic phase diagrams of UPd2Si2: searching for Lifshitz point – Maria Szlawska – Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research / Polish Academy of Sciences (Oral)
12:15–12:30: Low-dimensional antiferromagnetic fluctuations in the superconductor UTe2 – William Knafo – CNRS / LNCMI-Toulouse / LNCMI (Oral)

Parallel Session M3A – Prizes Winners – Monday 28, 14:00 – 15:00
14:00–14:30: Bryan R. Coles Prize award – Correlation-driven electronic reconstruction in iron-based superconductors – Ming Yi – Rice University
14:30–15:00: Nevill F. Mott Prize award – Solvable model for non-Fermi liquid behavior and quantum criticality pairing – Yuxuan Wang – University of Florida

Parallel Session M4A – Unconventional Superconductivity – Monday 27, 16:00 – 17:45

16:00–16:30: Boost and Suppression of High Field Superconducting Phases in UTe2 under Pressure – Nicholas Butch – NIST (Invited)
16:30–17:00: UTe2 under pressure – Priscila F. S. Rosa – LANL (Invited)
17:00–17:15: UTe2 from a crystallographic lens – Ashley Weiland – LANL (Oral)
17:15–17:30: Topology enabled unconventional superconductivity in a time-reversal symmetry-breaking bulk superconductor – Valentin Taufour – UC Davis (Oral)
17:30–17:45: – Competition between superconductivity and charge density wave in multiband intermetallic systems – Nei Lopes – Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Oral)

Parallel Session M4B – Correlated Topological Phases – Monday 27, 16:00 – 17:45

16:00–16:15: Multiple polyamorphisms and superconductivity in a Ce-based metallic glass – Gaston Garbarino – ESRF (Oral)
16:15-16:30: Anisotropy in frustrated ferromagnetic spin-1/2 chain $\beta$-TeVO$_4$: dynamical spin stripes instead of spin nematicity – Matej Pregelj – Jožef Stefan Institute (Oral) 16:30–16:45: Chiral anomaly and electronic transition in Hexagonal Mn3Ge – Venus Rai – Jülich Centre for Neutron Science – 2 / Forschungszentrum Jülich (Oral)
16:45–17:00: Surface excitations relaxation in the Kondo insulator Sm1-xGdxB6 – Jean C. Souza – Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Instituto de Física “Gleb Wataghin” (Oral)
17:00–17:15: Observation of multiple nodal-lines in SmSbTe – Gyanendra Dhakal – Physics / College of Sciences / University of Central Florida (Oral)
17:15–17:30: Physical Properties of Antiferromagnetic Topological Material EuAuAs – Zakir Hossain – Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research, Wroclaw 50-422, Poland (Oral)
17:30–17:45: Temperature-dependent electronic structure in a higher-order topological insulator candidate EuIn2As2 – Sabin Regmi – Physics / College of Sciences / University of Central Florida (Oral)

Parallel Session M4C – Quantum Phase Transitions and Quantum Magnetism – Monday 27, 16:00 – 17:45

16:00–16:30: Avoided quantum criticality in metallic ferromagnets under pressure: few recent examples – Sergey Bud’ko – DMSE / Ames Laboratory (Invited)
16:30–16:45: Quantum Criticality of the Quasi-One-Dimensional Heavy Fermion Material YbFe5P3 – Eric Bauer – Los Alamos National Laboratory (Oral)
16:45–17:00: Magnetic frustration and paramagnetic state transport anomalies in Ho4RhAl and Er4RhAl: Possble test cases for newly identified roles of itinerant electrons – Echur V Sampathkumaran – Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (Oral)
17:00–17:15: Excitonic insulator and its failed quantum phase transition in Ta2Ni(Se1-xSx)5 – Pavel Volkov – Rutgers University (Oral)
17:15–17:30: Quantum criticality in charge density wave systems: An x-ray diffraction approach – Fellipe Carneiro – Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas (Oral)
17:30–17:45: Competing interactions in Dy and Tb garnets – Françoise Damay – CEA-Saclay / Laboratoire Léon Brillouin (Oral)

Plenary Session T1A – Tuesday 28, 08:45 – 10:15

08:45–9:30 Hong Ding – Iron-based superconductors as a new Majorana playground China Academy of Science (Invited)
09:30–9:30 Orbital selective dynamics in Fe-based systems using time-resolved ARPES – Kalobaran Maiti – TIFR (Invited)

Parallel Session T2A – Unconventional Superconductivity – Tuesday 28, 10:45 – 12:30

10:45–11:15: Towards the Comprehension of High-Tc Superconductivity in Cuprates – Eduardo Marino – Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Invited)
11:15–11:45: Hyperuniformity in vortex matter in type-II superconductors – Yanina Fasano – Centro Atómico Bariloche (Invited)
11:45–12:00: Magnetic quantum phase transition at the pseudogap boundary in La1.8-xEu0.2SrxCuO4 in high fields – Anne Missiaen – (LNCMI-EMFL) – CNRS – Grenoble (Oral).
12:00–12:15: Phase separation in high-Tc cuprates – Alexander Moskvin – Ural Federal University (Oral)
12:15–12:30: – Neutron scattering and pairing mechanisms in underdoped cuprate ladder Sr2.5Ca11.5Cu24O41 – Allen Scheie – Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Oral)

Parallel Session T2B – Quantum Phase Transitions and Quantum Magnetism – Tuesday 28, 10:45 – 12:30

10:45–11:15: Quantum criticality from Kondo destruction: Fermi-surface jump to high temperature superconductivity – Qimiao Si – Rice University (Invited)
11:15–11:45: Quantum criticality and strange metal behavior in a pure ferromagnetic Kondo lattice – Huiqiu Yuan – Zhejiang University (Invited)
11:45–12:00: RKKY interaction and two Kondo impurities: the complete phase diagram – Krzysztof Wójcik – Polish Academy of Sciences (Oral).
12:00–12:15: Dynamical correlations in the Instanton Crystal phase – Grigorii Starkov – Ruhr Universität Bochum (Oral)
12:15–12:30: – Magnetoelastic properties and critical fluctuations – UIrSi$_3$ case study – Tetiana Haidamak – Charles University (Oral)

Parallel Session T2C – Strong spin-orbit interaction in correlated systems II – Tuesday 28, 10:45 – 12:30

10:45–11:15: Octupolar order in d-orbital systems – Arun Paramekanti – University of Toronto (Invited)
11:15–11:30: Resonant tender x-ray scattering from Ru-4d conduction electrons in the emergent inductor Gd3Ru4Al12 – Max Hirschberger – The University of Tokyo (Oral)
11:30–11:45: Magnetic Structures of RNiSi3 (R = Gd, Tb and Ho) – Rodolfo Tartaglia – The University of Campinas (Oral)
11:45–12:00: Multipolar orders in spin–orbit-coupled 5d Mott insulators A2BReO6 – Daigorou Hirai – University of Tokyo (Oral)
12:00-12:15: Antiferromagnetic antiskyrmions and skyrmions in magnetic Dresselhaus metals – Arnob Mukherjee – Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (Oral)
12:15–12:30: Antiskyrmions and Bloch Skyrmions in Magnetic Dresselhaus Metals – Deepak S. Kathyat – Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (Oral)

Parallel Session T3A – Unconventional Superconductivity – Tuesday 28, 14:00 – 15:00

14:00–14:15: Quasi-static magnetism at the pseudogap critical point in a high-Tc cuprate superconductor – David Leboeuf – LNCMI-EMFL-CNRS Grenoble (Oral)
14:15–14:30: Experimental observation of electron-exciton coupling in high-Tc cuprates – Francesco Barantani – University of Geneva (Oral)
14:30–14:45: The extremely-2D cuprate: the peculiar physics of the infinite layer CaCuO2 – Giacomo Ghiringhelli – Politecnico di Milano (Oral)
14:45–15:00: Charge density waves and Fermi-surface reconstruction in the clean overdoped cuprate superconductor Tl2Ba2CuO6+δ – Charles Tam – University of Bristol (Oral)

Parallel Session T3B – Non-equilibrium phenomena in strongly correlated systems I – Tuesday 28, 14:00 – 15:00

14:00–14:15: Photo-induced Nonequilibrium Phenomena of Quasicrystalline Excitonic Insulator – Ken Inayoshi – Tokyo Institute of Technology (Oral)
14:15–14:30: Electric field driven out of equilibrium insulator to metal transition in Mott insulators – Pascale Diener – Lille University (Oral)
14:30–14:45: Interplay of exchange field and Kondo effect in quantum impurity systems out of equilibrium – Anand Manaparambil – Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (Oral)
14:45–15:00: Non-equilibrium quantum critical steady state: Transport through a dissipative resonant level – Chung-Hou Chung – National Yang-Ming Chiao-Tung University (Oral)

Parallel Session T3C – Materials Design and New/Advanced Materials I – Tuesday 28, 14:00 – 15:00

14:00–14:15: Purcell-like enhancement of electron-phonon interactions in moire superlattices: Linear-T resistivity and cooling power – Hiro Ishizuka – Tokyo Institute of Technology (Oral)
14:15–14:30: Localised-hopping to extended-state transport: Investigating the insulator to metal transition in vacancy doped SmN – William Holmes-Hewett – Victoria University of Wellington (Oral)
14:30–14:45: Experimental and first-principles studies of superconductivity in polycrystalline topological semimetal SnTaS2 – Soumen Ash – Institute of Nano Science and Technology (Oral)
14:45–15:00: Anomalous transport in metallic unconventional clathrate BaNi2P4 – Makariy Tanatar – Iowa State University (Oral)

15:00–15:30: Poster Awards & Best Poster Express Presentation – Plenary Session

15:00-15:05 – Announcements 
15:05 – 15:10: – Lucas Cesar Gomes Squillante – (126869) – Zero-field quantum criticality and the role played by the mutual interactions in paramagnets
15:10 – 15:15 – Kazuki Yamamoto – 140234) –  Theory of collective excitations and nonequilibrium phase transition in dissipative fermionic superfluids
15:15 – 15:20 – Virna Kisiek. -(141827) – Magnetoelectric coupling in multidomain antiferromagnet Cu3TeO6
15:20 – 15:25 – Dana Popescu – (141824) – Ferroelectric-induced charge modulation at multiferroic interfaces
1525: – 15:30 – Utami Widyaiswari- (141440) – Muon Spin Relaxation Study on The Magnetic Ordering and Spin Fluctuation of Nd2Pt2O7

Parallel Session T4A – Unconventional Superconductivity – Tuesday 28, 16:00 – 17:45

16:00–16:30: Majorana state in a pinned vortex at the surface of a topological insulator with proximity induced superconductivity in a magnetic field – Pedro Schlottmann – Florida State University (Invited)
16:30–16:45: Vortex lattice studies in UPt3 – Morten Eskildsen -University of Notre Dame (Oral)
16:45–17:00 Non-monotonic electron interactions in the copper oxide plane – Fabio Boschini – INRS (Oral)
17:00–17:15: Non-symmorphic symmetry and field-driven odd-parity pairing in CeRh2As2 – David Cavanagh – University of Otago (Oral).
17:15–17:30: Superconductivity-driven ferromagnetism and spin manipulation using vortices in the magnetic superconductor EuRbFe4As4, Shigeyuki Ishida – National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Oral).
17:30–17:45: Suppression of superconductivity by spin fluctuations – Hiroyuki Yamase – National Institute for Materials Science (Oral).

Parallel Session T4B – Kondo effect and valence fluctuations I – Tuesday 28, 16:00 – 17:45

16:00–16:30: Magnetic instabilities and Kondo lattice behaviour of YbPt5B2, a new boride compound – Ernst Bauer – TU Wien (Oral)
16:30–16:45: Single crystalline EuPd2Si2: Exploring the effect of Ge-doping on the valence transition – Kristin Kliemt – Goethe-Universität Frankfurt (Oral)
16:45–17:00: Valence-instability-driven large magnetostriction in CeCo1-xFexSi as antiferromagnetic order is suppressed – Víctor Félix Correa – Centro Atómico Bariloche (Oral)
17:00–17:15: New results on the Kondo effect in systems with atoms and molecules on metallic surfaces – Armando Aligia – Centro Atómico Bariloche and Instituto Balseiro (Oral)
17:15–17:30: Algebraic Hastatic Order in One-Dimensional Two-Channel Kondo Lattice – Milan Kornjaca – Iowa State University (Oral)
17:30–17:45: Antiferromagnetic correlations in a valence fluctuating kagome lattice CeIrSn – Yasuyuki Shimura – Hiroshima University (Oral)

Parallel Session T4C – Quantum Phase Transitions and Quantum Magnetism – Tuesday 28, 16:00 – 17:45

16:00–16:30: Quantum Criticality in a Layered Iridate – Eduardo Granado – University of Campinas (Invited)
16:30–16:45: Single crystal growth and low temperature properties of triangular lattice antiferromagnet Ca3NiNb2O9 – Dibyata Rout – Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Pune (Oral)
16:45–17:00: Magnetic properties of heavy rare-earth A2Ir2O7 pyrochlore iridates – Milan Klicpera – Charles University (Oral)
17:00–17:15: Magnetic monopole density and antiferromagnetic domain control in spin-ice iridates – Kathrin Goetze – University of Warwick (Oral)
17:15–17:30: Spin dynamics and unconventional Coulomb phase in Nd2Zr2O7 – Sylvain Petit – CEA-CNRS (Oral)
17:30–17:45: Ferro-octupolar order in d^2 double perovskites of Osmium from first principles – Dario Fiore Mosca – University of Vienna (Oral)

Plenary Session W1A – Wednesday 29, 08:45 – 10:15

08:45–9:30 Multiple superconducting phases and field-induced superconductivity under pressure in UTe2 – Dai Aoki – Tohoku University (Invited)
09:30–10:15 – Quantum Monte Carlo simulations of superconductivity and magnetism in correlated systems – Rafael Fernandes – Univ. Minnesota (Invited).

Parallel Session W2A – Unconventional Superconductivity – Wednesday 29, 10:45 – 12:30

10:45–11:15: Connecting two classes of unconventional superconductors: Pressure-tuning of CeFeAs – Michael Nicklas – Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids – Dresden (Invited)
11:15–11:30: Decoupled nematic and magnetic criticality in FeSe1-xSx – Jake Ayres – University of Bristol (Oral)
11:30–11:45: Tunable 0-\pi transitions and high harmonics of Josephson current for interorbital topological superconductivity in three-orbital noncentrosymmetric superconductors – Yuri Fukaya – Universitá di Salerno (Oral)
11:45–12:00: Quartic metal: spontaneous breaking of time-reversal symmetry due to four-fermion correlations – Vadim Grinenko – Institute for Solid State and Materials Physics, TU Dresden (Oral)
12:00–12:15: Electron pairing without superconductivity in the disordered superconductor titanium nitride – Milan Allan – Leiden University (Oral)
12:15–12:30: Multifractally-enhanced superconductivity in thin films – Igor Burmistrov – L. D. Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics (Oral).

Parallel Session W2B – Materials Design and New/Advanced Materials II (???) – Wednesday 29, 10:45 – 12:30

10:45–11:15: Less is More: Vacancy-Triggered Robust Topological Nodal-Line Semimetals – Mariana Malard – Universidade de Brasília (Invited)
11:15–11:30: Frustrated magnet for adiabatic demagnetization cooling to milli-Kelvin temperatures – Yoshifumi Tokiwa – Japan Atomic Energy Institute (Oral)
11:30–11:45: Real-space observation of ferroelastically-designed Jahn-Teller domains in a LaMnO3 film – Yong-Jin Kim – Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Oral)
11:45–12:00: Retention of high-pressure-induced superconducting and non-superconducting phases in non-superconducting and high-temperature-superconducting solids at ambient – Ching-Wu Chu – University of Houston (Oral)
12:00–12:15: Charge Transfer and dd excitations in AgF2 – Nimrod Bachar – Ariel University (Oral)
12:15–12:30: New Lithium-based full Heusler superconductors – Tomasz Klimczuk – Gdansk University of Technology (Oral).

Parallel Session W2C – Correlated topological phases – Wednesday 29, 10:45 – 12:30

10:45–11:00: Pressure induced insulator-metal transition coupled with structural phase transition in BiSbTe1.25Se1.75 topological insulator – Kannan Murugesan – Centre for high pressure research / Bharathidasan University, Thiruchirappalli (Oral)
11:00–11:15: Orbital origin of negative magnetoresistance and planar Hall effect in Weyl electron systems – Akiyoshi Yamada – University of Electro-Communications (Oral)
11:15–11:30: Tuning the Weyl semimetal CeAlSi by external pressure – Mario Moda Piva – Physics of Quantum Materials (PQM) / Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids (Oral)
11:30–11:45: Direct observation of tunable magnetic domains in noncentrosymmetric ferromagnetic Weyl semimetal – Ilya Sochnikov – Physics / NA / University of Connecticut (Oral)
11:45–12:00: Spin and anomalous Hall effects emerging from topological degeneracy in Dirac fermion system CuMnAs – Thi Ngoc Huyen Vu – Center for Computational Materials Science / Institute for Materials Research / Tohoku University (Oral)
12:00–12:15: Weyl-Kondo semimetals: extreme topological tunability and nonlinear optical signatures – Sarah Grefe – Los Alamos National Laboratory (Oral)
12:15–12:30: Controlling the charge ordering behaviour in IrTe2 with uniaxial strain – Chris Nicholson – Department of Physics / University of Fribourg (Oral)

Parallel Session W3A – Unconventional Superconductivity – Wednesday 29, 14:00 – 15:00

14:00–14:15: New paradigm for superconductivity in a disordered vortex lattice – Amit Ghosal – IISER (Oral)
14:15–14:30: Electric field effects in ultrathin metallic superconductors – Maria Teresa Mercaldo – Università di Salerno (Oral)
14:30–14:45: The Three-Dimensional Electronic Structure of LiFeAs: Strong-coupling Superconductivity and Topology in the Iron Pnictides – Ryan Day – University of California, Berkeley (Oral)
14:45–15:00: Two gap time reversal symmetry breaking superconductivity in non-centrosymmetric LaNiC2 – Shyam Sundar – Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro – (Oral)]

Parallel Session W3B – Metal-insulator transitions – Wednesday 29, 14:00 – 15:00

14:00–14:15: Dielectric Catastrophe at the Mott Transition – Martin Dressel – Universität Stuttgart – (Oral)
14:15–14:30: Rise and Fall of Landau’s Quasiparticles While Approaching the Mott Transition – Andrej Pustogow – TU Wien – (Oral)
14:30–14:45: Room temperature Mott metal-insulator transition in V2O3 compounds – Mariela Menghini – KU Leuven – (Oral)
14:45–15:00: Non-thermal metallic phase emerging from nanoscale complexity in a photo-excited Mott material – Claudio Giannetti – Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – (Oral)

Parallel Session W3C – Large research-facilities and Novel techniques for SCES investigations – Wednesday 29, 14:00 – 15:00

14:00–14:30: X-rays on condensed matter physics at Sirius – Narcizo Marques Souza Neto – (CNPEM) Centro Nacional de Pesquisa em Energia e Materiais (Invited)
14:30–14:45: Selective orbital imaging of ground and excited states with x-ray spectroscopy – Andrea Amorese – Physics of Correlated Matter / Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids (Oral)
14:45–15:00: New opportunities at the Advanced Photon Source: using intermediate-energy x-rays to investigate collective behavior in emergent materials – Fanny Rodolakis – X-ray Science Division / Advanced Photon Source / Argonne National Laboratory (Oral)

15:00–15:30: Poster Awards & Best Poster Express Presentation – Plenary Session

15:00 – 15:05 – Announcements

15:05-15:10 – 141066 – Rikako Yamamoto – Neutron scattering study of crystalline electric field level schemes and magnetic structures of caged compounds NdTr{2}Zn20 (Tr = Co, Rh, Ir)

15:10-15:15 – 141077 – Hiroshi Tanida – Magnetic properties of CeCoSi and related compounds 

15:15-15:20 – 142139 – Tymoteusz Tula – Principal component analysis applied to muon spectroscopy experiment 

15:20-15:25 – 141225 –  Lutiene Fernandes Lopes –  Hall effect in the normal phase of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+ single crystals

15-25-15:30 – 141114 –  Chihiro Tabata – Magnetic toroidal order of UNi4B studied by resonant X-ray scattering 

Parallel Session W4A – Heavy fermion systems – Wednesday 29, 16:00 – 17:45

16:00–16:30: Mobile Majorana zero-modes in two-channel Kondo insulators – Rebecca Flint – Iowa State University (Invited)
16:30–16:45: Understanding the magnetism of CeRh3Si2 through neutron and x-ray scattering – Debashibhai Adroja – ISIS Facility / Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (Oral)
16:45–17:00: Quantum Criticality of Kondo Lattice Model: A Renormalization Group Study via Quantum non-Linear Sigma Model – Yiming Wang – Rice University (Oral)
17:00–17:15: Investigation of the band structure and Fermi surface effects in the Sb-doped CeCuBi2 heavy fermion compounds studied by ARPES – Kevin Raduenz Pakuszewski – Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Oral)
17:15–17:30: Physical properties of the layered f-electron van der Waals magnet Ce2Te5 – Yu Liu – MPA-Q / Los Alamos National Laboratory (Oral)
17:30–17:45: Topological crystalline superconductivity in locally noncentrosymmetric odd-parity superconductor CeRh2As2 – Kosuke Nogaki – Department of Physics / Graduate School of Science / Kyoto University (Oral)

15:00 –15:30: Poster Awards & Best Poster Express Presentation

15:00 – 15:05 – Annoucements 15:05-15:10 – 141066 – Rikako Yamamoto – Neutron scattering study of 
crystalline electric field level schemes and magnetic structures of 
caged compounds NdTr{2}Zn20 (Tr = Co, Rh, Ir)
15:10-15:15 – 141077 – Hiroshi Tanida – Magnetic properties of CeCoSi 
and related compounds  15:15-15:20 – 142139 – Tymoteusz Tula – Principal component analysis 
applied to muon spectroscopy experiment  15:20-15:25 – 141225 –  Lutiene Fernandes Lopes –  Hall effect in the 
normal phase of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+ single crystals 15-25-15:30 – 141114 –  Chihiro Tabata – Magnetic toroidal order of 
UNi4B studied by resonant X-ray scattering 

Parallel Session W4B – Quantum Phase Transitions and Quantum Magnetism – Wednesday 29, 16:00 – 17:45

16:00–16:30: Deconfinement and glassy behavior of U(1) quantum spin liquids – SungBin Lee – Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (Invited)
16:30–16:45: Field-Induced Quantum Spin Nematic Liquid Phase in the S=1 Antiferromagnetic Heisenberg Chain with Additional Interactions – Toru Sakai – University of Hyogo (Oral)
16:45–17:00 Hedgehog-lattice spin texture in breathing-pyrochlore antiferromagnets – Kazushi Aoyama – Osaka University (Oral)
17:00–17:15: Spin texture induced by nonmagnetic doping and spin dynamics in 2D triangular lattice antiferromagnet h-Y(Mn,Al)O3 – Pyeongjae Park- Seoul National University (Oral).
17:15–17:45: Electrical manipulation of the antiferromagnetic Weyl semimetal state in Mn3Sn – Satoru Nakatsuji – Department of Physics / University of Tokyo / University of Tokyo (Invited)

Parallel Session W4C – Strong correlations in actinides – Wednesday 29, 16:00 – 17:45

16:00–16:30: Proximity to a critical point driven by electronic entropy in URu2Si2 – Marcelo Jaime – Los Alamos National Laboratory (Invited)
16:30–16:45: URu2Si2: recent findings by resonant X-ray diffraction – Guillaume Beutier – Univ. Grenoble Alpes (Oral)
16:45–17:00 Magnetic entropy of UTe2 – Petr Opletal – Japan Atomic Energy Agency (Oral)
17:00–17:15: Alloying driven transition between ferro- and antiferromagnetism in UTGe compounds: the UCo1-xIrxGe case – Dávid Hovančík- Charles University (Oral).
17:15–17:30: Tuning of the two successive phase transitions with pressure in URhSn – Arvind Maurya – Tohoku University (Oral).
17:30–17:45: Hall effect near the metamagnetic high-field transition in Uranium Mononitride – Toni Helm – Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendor (Oral).

Plenary Session Th1A – Thursday 30 , 08:45 – 10:15

08:45–9:30 Nigel Hussey – Dual character of the cuprate strange metal – University of Bristol / H. H. Wills Physics Laboratory (invited)
09:30–10:15 Meigan Aronson Quantum Criticality and the Stability of Magnetic Order – UBC – (invited)

Parallel Session Th2A – Unconventional Superconductivity – Thursday 30, 10:45 – 12:30

10:45–11:15: Field-induced transition within the superconducting state of CeRh2As2 – Elena Hassinger – Max-Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids – Dresden (Invited)
11:15–11:45: Twisted Superconductivity in the high magnetic field phase of CeRh2As2 – Aline Ramires – Paul Scherrer Institute (Invited)
11:45–12:00: – Superconductivity from Holes in CeCu2Si2 – Tanmoy Dasn – Indian Institute of Science (Oral).
12:00–12:15: Angular dependence of superconductivity in CeRh2As2 – Javier Landaeta – Ural Federal University (Oral) – Max-Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids – Dresden (Invited)
12:15–12:30: Unconventional Pairing from Local Orbital Fluctuations in Strongly Correlated A3C60 – Changming Yue – University of Fribourg (Oral)

​​Parallel Session Th2B – Theoretical methods for strong correlations – Thursday 30, 10:45 – 12:30

10:45–11:15: Semi-analytical theories for a correlated quantum dot attached to superconducting leads – Tomáš Novotný – Charles University in Prague (Invited)
11:15–11:30: Spectral properties of strongly correlated multi-impurity models in the Kondo insulator regime: Emergent coherence, metallic surface states and quantum phase transitions – Frithjof Anders – TU Dortmund University (Oral)
11:30–11:45: Diagrammatic Monte-Carlo approach to many-flavour unitary fermions – Gunnar Moller – University of Kent (Oral)
11:45–12:00: – The cumulant Green’s functions method for the Hubbard model – Marcos Sergio Figueira Silva – Universidade Federal Fluminense (Oral)
12:00–12:15: Electron coherence effects in the coherent state picture for electron-phonon interactions – Alhun Aydin – Harvard University (Oral)
12:15–12:30: Spin-momentum locking and fractionally charged topological quasi-particles – Mauro Doria – Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Oral)

Parallel Session Th2C – CEF effects and multipolar ordering in SCES I – Thursday 30, 10:45 – 12:30

10:45–11:15: Dual nature of 5f electrons in the isostructural UM2Si2 family: from antiferro- to Pauli paramagnetism via hidden order – Andrea Severing – University of Cologne (Invited)
11:15–11:45: Anisotropic nematic fluctuations above the ferroquadrupolar transition in TmVO4 – Nicholas Curro – University of California at Davis (Invited)
11:45–12:00: Signature of CEF-phonon coupling in Kondo lattice system CeCuGa3 – Vivek Kumar Anand – University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (Oral).
12:00–12:15: AC elastocaloric investigation of the antiferroquadrupolar order in DyB2C2 – Linda Ye – Stanford University (Oral)
12:15–12:30: – Field-angle-resolved magnetic excitations in CeB6 – Dmytro Inosov – Technische Universität Dresden (Oral)

Parallel Session Th3A – Unconventional Superconductivity – Thursday 30, 14:00 – 15:00

14:00–14:15: Using uniaxial stress to probe the relationship between competing superconducting states in a cuprate with spin-stripe order – Zurab Guguchia – Laboratory for Muon Spin Spectroscopy, Paul Scherrer Institute (Oral).
14:15 –14:30: Manipulation of time reversal symmetry breaking superconductivity in Sr2RuO4 by uniaxial stress – Shreenanda Ghosh – TU Dresden (Oral)
14:30 –14:45: High-Tc Superconductivity in Iron Selenide by Proximity to Hidden Spin Density Wave – Jose Rodriguez – California State University at Los Angeles (Oral)
14:45 –15:00: Destruction of a sign-changing order parameter by artificial atomic defects in multiband superconductor PrOs4Sb12 – Tomasz Cichorek – Polish Academy of Sciences (Oral)
15:00 –15:30: Poster Awards & Best Poster Express Presentation

Parallel Session Th3B – Non-equilibrium phenomena in strongly correlated systems II – Thursday 30, 14:00 – 15:00

14:00–14:30: Memory and rejuvenation effect on the cluster-glass phase of 1-D spin-chain compound Ca3Co2-xBixO6 – Gajendra Singh Bisht – Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (Invited).
14:30 –14:45: Coherent, time-correlated tunneling of density wave electrons – John Miller – University of Houston (Oral)
14:45 –15:00: Antiphase oscillations in the time-resolved spin structure factor of photoexcited two-dimensional Mott Insulator – Takami Tohyama – Tokyo University of Science (Oral)
15:00 –15:30: Poster Awards & Best Poster Express Presentation

Parallel Session Th3C – CEF effects and multipolar ordering in SCES II – Thursday 30, 14:00 – 15:00

14:00–14:15: Charge and crystal field electronic states in CeRh2X2 (X=Si and As) and Ba2IrO4 – Ryszard Radwanski – Pedagogical University (Oral).
14:15–14:30: Structural and spectroscopic investigation of the charge-ordered, short-range ordered, and disordered phases of the Co3O2BO3 ludwigite – Carlos Galdino – Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Oral)
14:30–14:45: Magnetic properties of Ni5Sn(O2BO3)2 ludwigite – Cynthia Paola Contreras Medrano – Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas (Oral)
14:45–15:00: Crystal-field excitations and quadrupolar fluctuations of 4f-electron systems studied by polarized light scattering – Mai Ye – Rutgers University (Oral)
15:00 –15:30: Poster Awards & Best Poster Express Presentation

Parallel Session Th4A – Kondo effect and valence fluctuations II – Thursday 30, 16:00 – 18:00

16:00–16:30: Floquet engineering multi-channel Kondo systems – Victor Quito – Iowa State University (Invited)
16:30–16:45: Quantitative investigation of the Kondo interaction in the quasikagome lattice CeRh1−xPdxSn – Martin Sundermann – Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids (Oral)
16:45–17:00: The competition of Majorana and Kondo physics in the heat and charge transport through a double quantum dot system – Piotr Majek – Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (Oral)
17:00–17:15: The pseudogap in hole-doped cuprates: possible insights from the Kondo effect – John Cooper – University of Cambridge (Oral)
17:15–17:30: A crossover from Kondo semiconductor to metallic antiferromagnet with 5d-electron doping in CeFe2Al10 – Rajesh Tripathi – Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (Oral)
17:30–18:00: TBA – Roza Lopez – UIB – (Invited)

Parallel Session Th4B – Quantum Phase Transitions and Quantum Magnetism – Thursday 30, 16:00 – 18:00

16:00–16:30: Magnetism at high pressures: search for quantum spin liquids in 5d oxides – Daniel Haskel – Argonne National Laboratory (Invited)
16:30–16:45: Thermal fluctuations induced scalar spin chirality in spin-trimer ferromagnet probed by Hall and Nernst effects – Kamil Kolincio – Gdansk University of Technology (Oral)
16:45–17:00: Incommensurate quantum magnetism and multiple-q magnetic order in synthetic antlerite, Cu3SO4(OH)4 – Darren Peets – Technische Universität Dresden (Oral)
17:00–17:15: Investigation of the magnetic high-field state of the frustrated quantum sawtooth chain material atacamite, Cu$_2$Cl(OH)$_3$ – Leonie Heinze – TU Braunschweig (Oral)
17:15–17:30: Unusual antiferromagnetism and field-induced transitions in tetragonal CeLiBi2 – Mitchell Bordelon – Los Alamos National Laboratory (Oral)
17:30–18:00 Time reversal and lattice symmetry breaking in Nd2Ir2O7 observed by Raman scattering spectroscopy – Natalia Drichko – Johns Hopkins Univ. (Invited)

Parallel Session Th4C – Emergent phenomena at nanoscale – Thursday 30, 16:00 – 18:15

16:00–16:30: Magnetic polarons in EuB6 – Quantum nematic and spin fluctuations – Andrea Bianchi – Université de Montréal (Invited)
16:30–16:45: Observing separate spin and charge Fermi seas in a strongly correlated one-dimensional conductor – Pedro Vianez – University of Cambridge (Oral)
16:45–17:00: Evidence of the dominant role of charge order in cuprate high critical temperature superconductors – Riccardo Arpaia – Chalmers University of Technology (Oral)
17:00–17:15: High Conductance and Full Spin Polarized Current Transistor – Enrique V. Anda – PUC-Rio (Oral)
17:15–17:30: Numerical study on the transport phenomena in the antiferromagnetic skyrmion system – Akira Matsui – University of Tokyo (Oral)
17:30–17:45: – Nanoscale turing patterns in a bismuth monolayer – Yuki Fuseya – University of Electro-Communications (Oral) 17:45–18:15: Coupled Cu and Mn charge and orbital orders in cuprate/manganite multilayers – Claude Monney – UNIFR (Invited)

Plenary Session F1A – Friday 01, 08:45 – 10:15

08:45–9:30: Broken up, condensed, and knotted: The gym of heavy fermions – Silke Paschen – TU Wien – Invited
09:30–10:15: Heavy Fermion Perspectives on Quantum Materials – Piers Coleman – Rutgers Univ. – (Invited)

Parallel Session F2A – Unconventional Superconductivity – Friday 01, 10:45 – 12:30

10:45–11:15: Superconductivity mediated by polar modes in doped ferroelectrics – Stephen Rowley – University of Cambridge (Invited)
11:15–11:30: Shear modulus anomaly of multi-component superconductor: the case of MxBi2Se3 – Pye Ton How – Institute of Physics / Academia Sinica (Oral)
11:30 –11:45: Coexistence of Superconducting and Charge orders in IrTe2 nanoflakes – Sungyu Park – Institute for Basic Science (Oral)
11:45 –12:00: Spin susceptibility for orbital-singlet Cooper pair in three-dimensional Sr2RuO4 superconductor – Yukio Tanaka – Nagoya University (Oral)
12:00–12:15: Distorted superconducting nodal line on single Fermi surface in anisotropic organic superconductor λ-BETS2GaCl4 – Dita Puspita Sari – Shibaura Institute of Technology (Oral)
12:15–12:30: Key role of incoherent carriers for superconductivity in overdoped cuprates – Matija Culo – Institute of Physics, Zagreb, Croatia

Parallel Session F2B – Heavy Fermion Systems – Friday 01, 10:45 – 12:30

10:45–11:15: Tuning low-energy scales in YbRh2Si2 by non-isoelectronic substitution and pressure – Philipp Gegenwart – Experimental Physics VI / Center for Electronic Correlations and Magnetism / University of Augsburg (Oral)
11:15-11:30: Signature of momentum dependent hybridization in ARPES spectra of CeCoIn5 – Pawel Starowicz – Jagiellonian University (Oral)
11:30-11:45: Exploring the coexistence of antiferromagnetic ordering and superconducting in Ce3PtIn11 – Jeroen Custers – Department of Condensed Matter Physics / Faculty of Mathematics and Physics / Charles University (Oral)
11:45-12:00: Correlation between supercondctivity and Fermi-lqiuid transport within the Fermi-liquid regime of quantum-critical heavy-Fermion superconductors – Mohammed Elmassalami – Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Oral)
12:00-12:15: From Quantum Entanglement to Dynamical Charge Scaling at a Kondo Destruction Quantum Critical Point – Haoyu Hu – Rice University (Oral)
12:15-12:30: Resolving the nature of magnetic field-induced quantum critical point and the origin of the novel electronic-nematic transition in CeRhIn5 – Sanu Mishra – Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Intenses (LNCMI-EMFL), CNRS (Oral)

Parallel Session F2C – Correlated topological phases – Friday 01, 10:45 – 12:30

10:45–11:00: From Kondo insulator to Weyl-Kondo semimetal: Study of the substitution series Ce3Bi4(Pd,Pt)3 – Mathieu Taupin – TU Wien  (Oral)
11:00-11:15: Weyl-Kondo semimetal Ce3Bi4Pd3: Chemical pressure effects near the ideal stoichiometry – Gaku Eguchi – TU Wien  (Oral)
11:15-11:30: Ground state of Ce3Bi4Pd3 unraveled by hydrostatic pressure – Mukkattu Omanakuttan Ajeesh – MPA-Q / Los Alamos National Laboratory (Oral)
11:30-11:45: Flat-band ferromagnetism and spin waves in the Haldane-Hubbard model – Leonardo da Silva Garcia Leite – Universidade Estadual de Campinas – Instituto de Física “Gleb Wataghin” (Oral)
11:45-12:00: Multi-particle scattering and breakdown of the Wiedemann-Franz law at a junction of N interacting quantum wires – Domenico Giuliano – Dipartimento di Fisica / Università della Calabria / Università della Calabria (Oral)
12:00-12:15: Topological Semimetal driven by Strong Correlations and Crystalline Symmetry – Lei Chen – Rice University (Oral)
12:15-12:30: Chern insulators realized in two-dimensional metal organic framework kagome lattice – Jaejun Yu – Physics and Astronomy / Center for Theoretical Physics / Seoul National University (Oral)

Parallel Session F3A – Multiferroics and related Materials – Friday 01, 14:00 – 15:00

14:00–14:15: Magnetoelectric Effect in Dipolar Clusters – Paula Mellado – Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (Oral).
14:15 –14:30: Quadratic optical responses in a chiral magnetic metal – Shun Okumura – University of Tokyo (Oral)
14:30 –14:45: Phase degree of freedom and topological properties of multiple-Q spin textures – Kotaro Shimizu – University of Tokyo (Oral)
14:45 –15:00: Anomalous Ca-content dependence of dielectric property of charge ordered Pr1-xCaxMnO3 as a signature of charge-ordered phase modulation – Partha Sarathi Mondal – National Institute of Foundry and Forge Technology (Oral)
15:00 –15:30: Direct observation of Jahn-Teller critical dynamics at a charge-order Verwey transition – Vinícius Pascotto Gastaldo – Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul (Oral)

Parallel Session F3B – Quantum Phase Transitions – Friday 01, 14:00 – 15:00

14:00–14:30: Quantum supreme matter and the strange metals – Jan Zaanen – Leiden University (Invited).
14:30–14:45: Dynamical charge density fluctuations, isotropic scattering and anomalous metallic behaviour – Carlo Di Castro – Universita di Roma Sapienza (Oral)
14:45–15:00: The Hall response of the Planckian sector in nematic FeSe$_{1-x}$S$_x$ – Matija Culo – Radboud University (Oral)
15:00–15:15: Exploring the ferromagnetism of Fe(Ga1-xGex)3 near quantum criticality – Bryan Vlaar – Radboud University (Oral)

Parallel Session F3C – Quantum Magnetism – Friday 01, 14:00 – 15:00

14:00–14:30: Gapless excitations in field-induced Kitaev spin liquids with line defects – Rodrigo Pereira – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (Invited)
14:30–15:00: Heisenberg-Kitaev model in a magnetic field: 1/S expansion – Eric Andrade – Universidade de São Paulo (Invited)
15:00–15:15: Ground-state phase diagrams of the anisotropically interacting Kitaev-\Gamma-Heisenberg models on honeycomb lattices – Sei-ichiro Suga – University of Hyogo (Oral)

Parallel Session F4A – Unconventional Superconductivity – Friday 01, 16:00 – 17:45

16:00 –16:30: Universal bound to the amplitude of the vortex Nernst signal in superconductors, Kamran Behnia – ESPCI – (Invited)
16:30 –17:00 Plasma waves in layered superconductors – Lara Benfatto – Department of Physics / Sapienza University of Rome
17:00 –17:15: Effect of Artificial Disorder on Superconductivity and Charge Density Wave Ordering in (Ca, Sr)3(Rh, Ir)4Sn13 Superconductors – Elizabeth Krenkel – Ames Lab (Oral)
17:15 –17:30: Superconductivity enhancement and quantum critical point of chiral structure induced by atomic substitutions in La3T4Sn13 (T = Co and Rh) – Kazuaki Iwasa – Ibaraki University (Oral).
17:30 –17:45: The maximal superconductivity in proximity to the charge density wave quantum critical point in CuxTiSe2 – Tae-Ho Park – SungKyunKwan University – (Oral).

Parallel Session F4B – Heavy fermion systems and Correlated topological phases – Friday 01, 16:00 – 17:45

16:00–16:15: The Phase Diagram of Kitaev Materials under Arbitrary Magnetic Field – Firat Yilmaz – Center for Electronic Correlations and Magnetism/Institute of Physics / Augsburg University (Oral)
16:15–16:30: Terahertz conductivity of heavy fermion systems from time-resolved spectroscopy – Chia-Jung Yang – Department of Materials/ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich) (Oral)
16:30–16:45: Dynamical quantum phase transitions in a chiral p-wave superconductor upon chemical potential quenches – Yuto Shibata – Paul Scherrer Institut, ETH Zürich (Oral)
16:45–17:00: Electronic structure of a semimetal NdSb across the magnetic transition – Anup Pradhan Sakhya – Department of Physics, University of Central Florida (Oral)
17:00–17:15: Fractionalization of Spin in Cluster-Based Haldane State of Triangular Spin Tube – Takanori Sugimoto – Tokyo University of Science (Oral).
17:15–17:30: T-breaking density wave order in topological kagome metals – Chandan Setty – Physics/Rice center for quantum materials/Rice University (Oral)
17:30–17:45: Effect of renormalization and non-Hermiticity on nonlinear response in strongly-correlated electron systems – Yoshihiro Michishita – Division of Physics and Astronomy/Graduate School of Science/Kyoto University (Oral)

Parallel Session F4C – Quantum Phase Transitions and Quantum Magnetism – Friday 01, 16:00 – 17:45

16:00–16:30: Quantum criticality and spatial symmetry in interacting Dirac electrons under magnetic fields – Yasuhiro Tada – Hiroshima University (Invited)
16:30–17:00: Quantum annealed criticality: A scaling description – Mucio Continentino – Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas (Invited)
17:00–17:15: Effect of spin-$S$ impurities with XXZ anisotropy in the spin-1/2 Heisenberg chain – Masahiro Kadosawa – Chiba University (Oral)
17:15–17:30: Probing band structures and Fermi surfaces of CeCoSi by ARPES – Akio Kimura – Hiroshima University (Oral)
17:30–17:45: Quantum phase transitions in an Yb-based semiconductor YbCuS$_{2}$ with an effective spin-1/2 zigzag chain – Takahiro Onimaru – Hiroshima University (Oral)

Session F5A – 17:45 – 18:15 – Closing and Future Conferences – Pascoal Pagliuso (IFGW/Unicamp) – Anne de Visser (University of Amsterdam) – Alix McCollam (HFML – Radboud Univ.) .